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I used to eat Nutella by the jar, bread by the loaf, and feel TERRIBLE in my body – bloated, heavy, and anxious.

Now, I still eat whatever I want – cause I don’t do well with rules – but I feel slim, light, and full of energy almost every single day.

I’ve also managed to drop my emotional eating patterns, go from cystic breakouts to clear, glowing skin, and heal my digestion.

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“Lula is a caring listener and a devoted supporter. Her deep heart, curious mind and loving nature make her the perfect coach to create lasting transformation for her clients. She’s simply brilliant!”
- Nisha Moodley, Women’s Leadership Coach
"My body has TRANSFORMED; I’ve stopped tracking my weight because I’ve realized the irrelevancy, but more importantly, I have in a matter of two months shaped my body in the exact way I wanted."
- Jonna Mayer, Graphic Designer and Artist
“Lula is a natural healer. Her presence will elevate you, and her coaching will transform you. She is the real thing!”
- Joshua Rosenthal, Founder and Director of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition
"Receiving Lula’s support on this healing journey has been incredibly valuable. With her guidance, I’m at my best weight, look and feel great, and have developed healthier habits."
- Angela Leigh Tucker, Inspirational Speaker and Traumatic Brain Injury Survivor
"Lula is a natural and gifted coach and healer. But be aware, working with Lula WILL change and transform your body, mind, spirit and life FOREVER…you will no longer settle for “good enough” in ANY area of your existence."
- Cora Poage, Certified Holistic Health Coach, Masters in Spiritual Psychology
"I've always struggled with overwhelming sugar cravings that would overcome me after lunch. By finally finding the right foods to eat, I'm no longer craving sugar in the afternoons. The thoughts don’t even cross my mind now and it’s an incredibly freeing feeling to no longer be imprisoned by sugar.”
- Alex
"Her advice transcends the typical nonsense of “Eat this! Don’t eat that!” and she’s getting to the heart of how certain kinds of foods affect our mental and emotional health.”
- Stephanie, Founder & Director of Free Spirits Music Songwriting School
"The biggest change is improved confidence about my abilities, related to me having more enthusiasm to get up. Lula helped me work towards my goals by making me better understand myself, motivating me to discover new and creative ways to reach the goals, and never judging my progress.”
- Dr. Gita Pande, Health & Lifestyle Consultant
"Vocalizing my issues was really helpful in and of itself. I’m finding that when my "snack attacks" come on, I'm a lot more mindful and am not functioning on autopilot as much."
- Katharine Maller, Editor
"The biggest change I’ve noticed is my energy levels. I haven’t felt this good in a while. Lula is supportive, caring, and fun. I would recommend Lula to everyone struggling to find an approachable way to better health.”
- Kenna Braner, Yoga Instructor