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HAPPY NEW YEAR! <3 I hope it’s off to a beautiful start.

I’m the type of person who will try anything once, except…

… another diet. Tried all of them. Failed. Even “clean eating” becomes problematic, because that implies that some foods and overall ways of eating are “dirty.”

And what do we humans secretly want to do? Dirty and bad things.

It’s why binge eating disorder, anorexia (not eating is just as rebellious as overeating), affairs, and financial fraud are so rampant.

It’s all the same underlying human desire: we want to be a little – or a lot – rebellious, depending on our level of self-imposed and/or external repression.

Food, sex, and money are all sources of control. When we’re not satisfied intimately, we reach for food to satiate ourselves. It fills the same void as sex.

If we feel out of control around money, we might overeat to ground ourselves and literally feel “heavier” in our bodies, reminding ourselves of our physical power and control on the human plane.

When we eat too “perfectly” all the time we enter a serious danger zone, because we’re much more likely to want to binge. Then we beat ourselves up, and the cycle continues. 

We end up never feeling GREAT in our bodies or at peace with food, cause we’re setting ourselves up for failure by trying to be “perfect” at every meal. We’re repressing our desire to be a little bad, which is perfectly healthy. 

You cannot spend the rest of your life eating kale and grilled chicken while avoiding gluten and dairy.

So what’s the solution when it comes to food and body image? 

We gotta dirty it up a little.

Eating “perfectly” all the time doesn’t work, and that’s why diets don’t work long-term. The solution is intuitive eating. Becoming BEST friends with your body (I’m serious, you gotta). NO food being off limits.

When nothing is labeled as “bad” or “dirty,” we don’t get that natural human instinct to rebel and eat it anyway.

You might be thinking, how do I do this? Won’t intuitive eating just put me on a pizza-and-pasta cycle that’ll make me feel worse than ever?


When you develop rock-solid self-love, reset your cravings, optimize your environment, and learn the foods your body thrives on and the foods you don’t do so well with, you naturally fuel yourself with nutrient-dense meals around 80-90% of the time. 

This takes time, at least 6 months. If anyone tells you it can happen in 3 days, run.

In my NEW 6-month private health coaching program, Activate, we start with a gentle 2-week reset to rewire your cravings and taste buds. This doesn’t mean you never crave pizza again, it just means you don’t crave it every day. 

From there, we develop your intuitive eating muscles through dozens of practices, from chewing your food more thoroughly to identifying your individual power foods.

In our sessions we unpack your emotional matrix around food and get to the root of it all so that food is no longer a stressful “thing.” It becomes easy to select what you want, eat it, and feel good. 

You reach your ideal weight, get glowing skin, balance your hormones, kick bloating back to wherever it came from, and feel more energy and focus than ever. Your creativity and productivity skyrockets. You’re on fire.

Around halfway through the program you receive a long-term flexible eating plan that emphasizes your power foods and leaves you wiggle room for ice cream and sandwiches.

Since you’ll exit the program as an intuitive eater, this is simply a blueprint you can refer back to if you’re ever feeling off – not something you have to follow regularly, because you’ll just know what to eat to feel amazing. 

Here’s the breakdown…

• Two 50-minute private sessions per month for 6 months
• 2-week reset meal & lifestyle plan in PDF format
• Long-term 1-week meal & lifestyle plan in PDF format
• Complete session notes & action steps after each call
• Unlimited text and email support with 24-hour turnaround

I’ve extended the soft launch program rate (50% lower than standard) for the next week, since I admittedly got behind during the holidays and barely shared it. After that it will go up.

I invite you to book your free Breakthrough Session today if you want 2019 to be the year you finally master intuitive eating, your weight, energy, mood, creativity, and productivity.

Have some questions? Reply to this email or just jump in and book the Breakthrough Session. It’s no-pressure and you’ll walk away with a few valuable tips, regardless of whether you sign up for Activate.

Much love,

P.S. Skip to the bottom? No biggie! I’m extending the soft launch rate (50% less than standard) for my NEW 6-month health coaching program, Activate.

If you sign up within the next week you can get in at this price point. Book your FREE Breakthrough Session today to see if Activate is right for you.


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