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Activate is Open Until Thursday

I’m ashamed that the original deadline for this round of ACTIVATE was last week, and I’ve barely shared about it over the past two weeks. I’m sorry.

Why does it matter, and why am I apologizing to you?

You joined my little community because you want to feel better in your body and mind. 

You’re sick of feeling exhausted, sluggish, bloated, and scatterbrained. You want to feel light, bright, energized, and focused… without going on another strict paleo diet or spending hours in a pilates studio every week. 

Those are the exact results my clients in ACTIVATE are experiencing…

“I have no bloating, and I have a WAIST again! I have no more dizziness, and I feel calm yet energetic and happy.” – Kathleen

“The indigestion problems I was experiencing are gone completely now – I’m able to eat and not be worried about feeling sick.” – Erin

“I feel lighter, rarely experience bloating and generally feel (and look) healthier and more energetic.” – Katerina

… that’s why I’m leaving the doors to ACTIVATE open for another week, until midnight CST on Thursday, September 12th.

If you want to heal adrenal fatigue, get your metabolism + energy back, rewire emotional eating patterns, and master intuitive eating + aligned, custom nutrition, check out the details for ACTIVATE here.

If you know that now is your time to do this and you’re ready to commit to yourself, sign up for a free Breakthrough Session on this page, after you read the program details. 

There are 3 spots left in the program, and the doors WILL close next Thursday at midnight CST.

And yes, I know I ended up extending the deadline for the last round of ACTIVATE, for the same reason.

I’m really working on getting more comfortable sharing my important work and being more visible. 🙂

To paraphrase one of my heroes, Marie Forleo, if you have something important to share with the world and you hold back, you’re stealing from the people who need you most

So, I’m sorry for stealing from you. Truly. 💕

And of course, if you have any questions, just reply to this email.

So much love,


I’m leaving ACTIVATE open for another week. This is my 6-month health coaching program for exhausted women who want to heal from adrenal fatigue, rewire emotional eating patterns, and master intuitive eating.

Check out the details and sign up for a free Breakthrough Session here, if you know you need this now. 

There are only 3 spots left, and the doors WILL close next Thursday, September 12th at midnight CST.


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