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An Important Message For You

We have to stop mentally “cancelling” days as bad or worthless because we ate the wrong thing, drank too much coffee, or ordered that 3rd glass of wine and regretted it.

Stay with yourself. Be as present as you can. Be gentle. Forgive yourself.

Notice how your body feels.

Be a gentle scientist, in support of feeling your best but never beating yourself up when you don’t feel your best.

You are still worthy even if you’re not perfectly healthy, fit, focused, and energetic.

AND you’re still allowed to want to change your body, if it’s coming from a genuine place of wanting to feel lighter and more energetic… rather than wanting to be thinner for men or women or your mom.

You deserve time, attention, and presence either way. You are loved unconditionally.

With so much love,
Lula (Channeled through the Universe)


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