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Bloated *AND* hungry? Read this

This thing used to happen to me where I’d feel super bloated a couple hours after a meal, but still hungry.

It was this weird combo of feeling like my stomach was blown up but I wasn’t satiated.

Have you ever felt that way? Comment below yes or no.

It’s super confusing to feel like your stomach is big but you’re definitely hungry.

After meals, this is how you should feel…

– physically and psychologically satiated

yes, your food should be pleasurable, it’s not just about “fueling” yourself

– calm and relaxed

if you get anxiety and/or heart palpitations after you eat, it probably means you’re eating something you’re actually sensitive or allergic to

– energized and focused

your food should give you energy, not make you crash and give you brain fog

Yet so many people I know feel gross, bloated, and exhausted after they eat.

There are a few key reasons this happens…

1. You’re not eating enough fat.

Healthy fats are what make you feel genuinely satisfied after a meal. In combination with protein and complex carbs they stabilize your blood sugar so you don’t get all hangry and scatterbrained not long after eating.

Adding in more fats will satiate hunger for longer and ease inflammation that can lead to bloating.

2. You’re not absorbing the nutrients from your food.

Bevs like coffee and alcohol strip necessary minerals from your system. If you’re consuming too much caffeine and/or booze for your body, you can’t absorb all the great nutrients from your food.

This’ll leave you feeling bloated and exhausted, because the food just sits in your belly rather than being efficiently utilized for energy.

3. Your metabolism isn’t engaged.

If your system is sluggish from lack of nutrients and sleep and/or too much stress, you simply won’t be able to properly digest and metabolize your food.

You can fire up your metabolism by including protein and fat at every meal, enough complex carbs for your body type (the only way to find out is through experimentation), adding more seaweed to your diet, and doing short HIIT (high intensity interval training) a few times a week.

My Ultimate Guide To Ditch Bloating Without Dieting will take you through a comprehensive process to reset your body, flush your lymphatic system, recalibrate your cravings, and boost up your metabolism.

You’ll finish the program feeling fresh and light in your body, and you’ll know the exact steps to take to avoid bloating.

More info coming soon.

Much love and happy Friday!



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