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How I Eat & What I Teach: Announcing ACTIVATE!

I don’t eat pancakes and quesadillas and muffins everyday. Sometimes my lunch plate looks like this. It’s about the ebb and flow, and developing complete trust in your body so you never have to agonize over your food choices, or...
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Practical Tools To Feel Great Through The Holidays

I spent a lot of time in the bathroom after Thanksgiving dinner in 2006. That marked the beginning of my eating disorder: restricting my intake to 1000-1200 calories a day, binging, and purging to varying degrees of intensity over the...
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5 Things I’m Loving Lately

Confession: I’ve always loved those little blurbs in magazines that tell you what the celebrities are eating or what their daily routines are. Today I’m sharing five things I’m loving lately – because they’re just awesome and/or they’re making me...
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Digestive Issues? Try This Meal Plan

I woke up in screaming pain. There were faint little drops of blood on my pillow. I texted the only 24-hour, English-speaking taxi driver I knew in my little Caribbean beach town, asking if the hospital was open (?!) I’m...
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What I Learned From Getting Fired

Have you ever been fired? If so today’s post will make you feel a whole lot better about it. I’m sharing what I learned from getting fired, and why it ended up being a GREAT thing. Plus you might be...
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The Only Two Foods You Need To Meal Prep

I LOVE being able to make a delicious, nourishing meal in 15-20 minutes.  As a creative I often need quick energy and focus so I can stay in my flow. Did you know it usually takes 20 minutes to refocus...
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