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The Holiday Support Crew

Getting triggered during the holidays does not make you inadequate, unworthy, or less evolved than you thought you were. Being with your family can be the most wonderful and challenging thing in the world. That doesn’t make your family as...
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Client Feedback From Day 2 of ACTIVATE

WOW this is an email clip from an ACTIVATE health coaching client who’s only on *DAY TWO* of her custom food-based reset… “I’m feeling really good. I started the official reset yesterday, but adhered to the guidelines starting on Sunday,...
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An Important Message For You

We have to stop mentally “cancelling” days as bad or worthless because we ate the wrong thing, drank too much coffee, or ordered that 3rd glass of wine and regretted it. Stay with yourself. Be as present as you can....
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What I Ate Last Night & How I Feel Today

Last night I ate… … a whole pizza (not vegan, gluten-free, or dairy-free), and then a medium ice cream cone (also filled with dairy and gluten) with chocolate and coffee gelato as I biked along the ocean at sunset. Not...
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