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The Reason You Shouldn’t Suck Your Stomach In

I was sitting cross-legged on the beach, where the ocean meets the sand and then recedes. I was topless, covered in black sand, with my belly completely relaxed. Even at my absolute thinnest, when I was eating disordered, I would...
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Bloated *AND* hungry? Read this

This thing used to happen to me where I’d feel super bloated a couple hours after a meal, but still hungry. It was this weird combo of feeling like my stomach was blown up but I wasn’t satiated. Have you...
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The First Step To Nailing Any Goal

Picture this: You finally start following a hardcore Paleo diet, going to yoga twice a week, and doing HIIT three times a week. You’re meditating every morning, and taking mini digital detoxes on Sundays – you know all about EMFs...
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6 Weird Ways To Know If You’re Healthy

As a kid I would come home from school and hear from my mom how her cancer patients were in remission after working with her for six months (literally), or how her latest cooking client had lost 15 pounds and...
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