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Client Love: How Lauren Lost Weight Without Dieting

Lauren texted me that she had just been to the doctor and he said she’d lost 10 pounds.

When she came to me one of her goals was weight loss.

BUT instead of automatically celebrating, I said “Ooooh. How do you feel about that?”

Her response “Love it, so weird looking at the numbers.”

Check out her testimonial after the photo (and how radiant is she?!)…

“Before I worked with Lula I was struggling with my eating habits, and stressed out. Once I began applying the meal plans and food lists I was able to change the way I ate, from last minute meals to intentional ones. Along with reiki I felt my stress lower, my body decompress, and I no longer felt tension.

I’ve experienced weight loss and a significant reduction in inches and bloating. Lula has been an amazing support and has held me accountable the whole way. I feel more confident and whole as a result.”

Here’s the thing: It’s ok to want to lose weight.

As long as it’s for you, and it goes beyond wanting to look a certain way.

If you want to lose weight to feel lighter, clearer, and more energized (and yes, maybe leaner, that’s not a BAD thing as long as your relationship with yourself is solid, regardless of your weight), I can help you.

Beyond weight, if you have chronic issues like…

    •    indigestion
    •    bloating
    •    jawline acne
    •    chronic fatigue
    •    brain fog
    •    hormonal imbalances
    •    anxiety

And you want to unlock your best health, energy, and focus WITHOUT going on ANOTHER diet, I invite you to book a free Breakthrough Session to see if ACTIVATE is right for you.

ACTIVATE is my 6-month private health coaching program for women who want to heal from emotional eating and master intuitive eating…

… without sacrificing their external goals, like less bloating, higher energy, and clearer skin.


I have THREE spaces available, and I will not be re-opening this program for at least a few months, but probably closer to 6 months. 

I open up my calendar to new clients about twice a year. 

Book your free Breakthrough Session TODAY if you’re ready for this.

Much love,


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