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Stop judging it.


The thought.

The thing.

Breathe. It’s all normal. You’re not alone. If you’re having a feeling, there are thousands of people having that exact same feeling at that exact same time.

Stop judging it.


Put your phone down. Take your headphones out. Put the book down. Make eye contact with the person across from you. Remember that we’re all cut from the same fabric, and we’re in this together.

None of us are special, yet all of us are special.

We were built to support each other, and we need each other.

I woke up feeling a little sticky today. A little judgy (of myself), a little sluggish.

My formula to feel better?

Phone on airplane mode until after breakfast. No headphones on the train. Deep breaths. Delicious coffee sipped slowly. A calm commute. Enough time to get there. No rushing.

As I walked onto the platform to wait for the C train Uptown to my dance studio, beautiful live music filled the bustling space. I stood with no phone or book and listened.

I made eye contact with an older woman with the sweetest eyes. We smiled at each other.

I saw myself in her, and I felt she saw herself in me.

I remembered that I’m never alone. EVER. And neither are you, love.

We’re human. Whole and real.

Big hug,

Photo: @mamamedicine on Instagram


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