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For the past two weeks we’ve been discussing the
Fear of Feeling Good and what you can do to heal the underlying psychology that’s keeping you from having the body and life you want – finally losing the weight, getting gorgeous skin, and fixing digestive issues.

Learn more about Fear of Feeling Good here, and make SURE you check out tip #1 to get over this fear and trigger weight loss – it’s game-changing.

Today I have a super quick and dirty yet really impactful step you can take in five minutes or less that will shift your relationship with yourself and move you in the direction of getting your dream body.


Walk to your closet


Throw out 3 items that don’t make you feel AMAZING in your body. You’re done for today!

Then within the next two weeks…

Block off one hour in your calendar to throw out ALL the clothes that don’t make you feel incredible. Break it down by category – go through your pants all at the same time and throw away the duds, then move on to dresses, tops, etc.


When you wear clothes that are a little too tight, too big, or just unflattering and frumpy, your confidence automatically decreases. Even if it’s subconscious, this happens to everyone.

When you feel a little bleh cause you’re wearing clothes that don’t really fit you or aren’t the right color for you, you’re more likely to eat foods and engage in behaviors that make you heavy and lethargic.

Have you ever been feeling kind of low-confidence one day and used that as an excuse to eat a pint of ice cream? That’s exactly how it works with clothes.

On the other hand, when you feel like a queen and dress like one, you’re much more likely to treat your body with love and respect, and naturally lose weight by stopping when you’re full and seeking the support you need to get your ideal body.

Think about how you feel when you put on your FAVORITE outfit. The one that makes you feel like an absolute queen who can do anything.

That’s how you want to feel every day to lose weight, clear up your skin, and heal your digestion.

If you’re concerned about having to buy new clothes, it’s 100% worth it if it means setting the stage to get the body and life you’ve always wanted.

Plus, you can take it slow and just get a couple things at a time. I know I’d rather rock a smaller wardrobe that makes me feel amazing every day than have a bunch of subpar junk I throw on.

So right now, take this 5-minute action step: Throw out three pieces of clothing that don’t make you feel GREAT. Then block off two hours within the next two weeks to sift through your wardrobe.

After you do it, come back here and answer this question

How does it feel to let those bleh clothes go? What are you EXCITED to wear?

Have a beautiful day!

With love,

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