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How I Eat & What I Teach As An Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

I don’t eat pancakes and quesadillas and muffins everyday.

Sometimes my lunch plate looks like this.

It’s about the ebb and flow, and developing complete trust in your body so you never have to agonize over your food choices, or worry that any one food will “make you blow up” or give you horrible stomach pains.

When I was in Costa Rica, I barely craved meat. I ate tropical fruits, rice, beans, quinoa, fish, lots of veggies, some eggs and cheese, and chicken here and there.

Now that I’m back in New York I frequently gravitate toward bacon, barbacoa, and burgers.

And ALL of it is perfect. I used to SERIOUSLY stress over what I should eat, painstakingly plan my meals and count my calories, and spend a large portion of every day mentally going over what I’d eaten, worried the scale would read a higher number in the morning.

Now I’m a proud intuitive eater, and I’ve never felt better in my body. My mission here on this planet is to guide as many women as possible to complete freedom in their bodies and lives.

Through step-by-step guidance I coach women to unlock optimal health, energy, creativity, and productivity so they can get the body and life they’ve always imagined for themselves, but haven’t been able to crack the code on.

So how do I teach this?

Here’s exactly how I work with my private clients to guide them to become expert intuitive eaters with unshakeable trust in themselves and their bodies…

  1. WIPE THE SLATE CLEAN. Every client starts with a gentle yet very specific 2-week reset where they remove potential allergens and irritants so they can start at ground zero and really connect with their intuitive food voice. The reason we temporarily remove certain foods is because there are things like dairy and sugar that can really mess with your hungry & full signals. These foods throw off your metabolism and give you so much brain fog that you can’t even think clearly, let alone hear what your body is asking for. You just get hangry and reach for anything, instead of really listening to what you need.
  2. LEARN A NEW WAY OF EATING. Simultaneously with your reset, I’ll be teaching you my three pillars of conscious eating. THIS IS GAME-CHANGING. It will completely change the way you digest, absorb, and emotionally relate to ALL food, whether it’s sautéed kale or a slice of chocolate peanut butter cake. These three non-food pillars (they’re practices) alone will completely change your relationship with food and your body. They change the way you physically approach your plate, dramatically shift your mentality around food, and help your digestion and absorption… before we even consider the actual foods on your plate. No matter how you eat, these practices will make you healthier and more at peace with food and your body.
  3. DEVELOP ROCK SOLID SELF-LOVE. You cannot make healthy, long-term changes to your body if you loathe it. Before we even look at your long-term eating approach, you’ll begin daily practices to genuinely become friends with your body. This could include journaling, meditation, exercise you actually like, letting go of toxicity in your life, and much more. Your rock solid self-love plan will be completely tailored to you and your life situation. We’ll look at your daily routines, environment, relationships, and career for a truly holistic, effective, long-term approach. After identifying what’s draining you and perpetuating your engrained thought patterns, together we’ll make shifts so you feel supported and nourished, regardless of what you’re eating.
  4. CREATE YOUR LONG-TERM PLAN. After wiping the slate clean, learning a new way of eating, and developing rock solid self-love, we’ll start reintroducing potential trigger foods so you can see firsthand what’s affecting you. We’ll already have identified A LOT about what’s working for you and what’s not. From here we’ll be able to quickly pinpoint your power foods and the most supportive daily routines for you. You’ll have a meal and lifestyle plan that you can refer back to for life, and having this baseline knowledge will allow you to eat whatever you want. By going through this process you’ll completely understand how food affects your body, and you’ll be able to make conscious choices from a place of self-love. For example, you might identify that gluten hurts your stomach. BUT, there may be times it’s just worth it. You’ll be able to eat it without attaching a bunch of emotion (like guilt) to it, and releasing those emotions will probably help you digest it much better. There are a ton of studies on the somatics of food, and how you’re feeling emotionally when you eat has a huge impact on how you digest and absorb your food.

    For example, if you’re feeling guilty and scared you’ll gain weight while you eat a piece of cheese, your body is much more likely to go into fight or flight mode and hang on to it as protective fat, instead of digesting it and processing it out.

  5. GET CONTINUED SUPPORT. This is not a quick fix. Anyone who tells you they can change your body and life overnight or even in a week is trying to scam you. That’s why my coaching program is 6-months. We’ll meet twice a month for 6-months so you have continued support, always hear the latest nutrition and personal development tools first, and get VIP support for personal challenges and troubleshooting. I’m 100% on your team, and you’ll be able to access me via email and text.

With this approach, food becomes a non-stressful thing, and you naturally reach your ideal weight. Slowly but surely – or sometimes very quickly – you dissolve chronic conditions like acne and digestive issues that have been plaguing you for years, or in some cases, your whole life.

I’m excited to share with you first that I’m soft-launching
ACTIVATE, my new 6-month health coaching program.

Through ACTIVATE, you’ll get step-by-step guidance to unlock optimal health, energy, creativity, and productivity without dieting.

The result? Finally accessing your ideal body and creating your dream life. The life you deserve, because you work so hard and do so much for other people. Now it’s your turn.

Do any of these sound like you?

  • Often fatigued, sluggish, and bloated
  • On an emotional rollercoaster that will not stop
  • Wish you had rock solid self-love
  • Tried allllll the diets and nothing has made you feel great
  • Drowning in nutrition info, don’t know where to start, want to finally feel AMAZING
  • Put everyone and everything else first, like your boyfriend, work, your cat
  • Get spurts of energy, lose momentum, then feel guilty about it
  • Keep putting your dreams on pause because of self-doubt and daily responsibilities
  • Haven’t been able to harness energy for the projects you really want to be creating

And do you want any/all of the following?

  • A body that feels healthy and light
  • High, steady energy
  • Clear focus
  • Awesome digestion
  • Time to dream, plan, and create
  • Deep, nourishing sleep
  • Clear, glowy skin
  • Supportive relationships
  • A career you love

… If so, ACTIVATE is specifically designed for you.

It’ll help you unlock energy, creativity, and productivity so you can unveil the body and life you’ve always wanted for yourself.

Here’s what you get in this 6-month coaching program…

  • Two 50-minute private sessions per month for 6 months
  • 2-week reset meal & lifestyle plan in PDF format
  • Long-term 1-week meal & lifestyle plan in PDF format
  • Complete session notes & action steps after each call
  • Unlimited text and email support with 24 hour turnaround

Again, ACTIVATE has not officially launched yet – you’re hearing about it first.

That said, I’m offering the first 5 people who sign up a special holiday rate that’s over 50% less than my usual fee.

Sign up for a complimentary Breakthrough Session here to get all the details and see if it’s right for you.

Sending you so much cozy holiday love,

Third photo: Nakid Magazine

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