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How To Get Through Mondays

99% of inspirational quotes on Instagram piss me off.

Two reasons…

1. There’s too many of them.
2. Most of them infer that you need to fix something to feel good. 

Wanting to make a change – whether it’s clearing up your gut or finally getting your new website out into the world – starts with one key thing. And it’s not fixing or forcing.

The first step to shifting is FULLY, MADLY, DEEPLY accepting and loving where you are, who you are, and what you’ve already accomplished right in this moment. Not in an hour after yoga, not tomorrow, not next week. RIGHT NOW.

Look at it this way: If you’re constantly trying to fix yourself and maybe even feeling shameful about where you are with your body or with work, you shrink down and become small.

You’re less likely to speak up about what you want and connect with people who could help you get it, because you’re feeling unworthy.

When you’re in a genuine state of joy, self-love, and gratitude for yourself, you attract what you want. You become magnetic.

Sink into my first weekly theme in my new series, Lula’s Weekly Theme…

Take a few deep breaths and acknowledge what it feels like in your body to be grateful for how far you’ve come, and legitimately satisfied with yourself.

Repeat this a few times: I’ve already arrived.

Phew. Deep breaths. <3

We cannot make progress from a place of hating ourselves.

You must accept every inch of yourself from the inside out, TODAY, in order to become magnetic and create whatever you want in your life. 

Important: Comment below and tell me three things about yourself you’re proud of.

By declaring your wholeness and affirming your satisfaction, you can relax into yourself.

You’ll naturally quiet down your mind and release tension in your body, clearing the static so your gut can speak to you and you can hear her. She knows exactly what you need. 

From that place of softness and peace, you’ll easily and intuitively take steps toward your next big goal – and it won’t feel anything like fixing or forcing.

So much love,

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    1. -I am proud to be finding the space between the stimulus and response more often.

      -I am happy to be engaging with sadness and fear when they show up.

      -I am more able to seek out humility in times of stress.