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How to Heal Your Relationship with Food

Food only exists to support you. Literally.

Food is your servant. Your b*tch… who you love, of course.

Food is in your life to fuel you and bring you pleasure. But for most people it’s waaaaaay more complicated than that.

How would it feel to view food as your friend and greatest supporter?

I went from dreading food, avoiding it, binging, and purging to having a totally peaceful relationship with ALL foods, not just healthy sh*t.

I’ve been helping emotional eaters and chronic dieters do the same for over 7 years.

Food does not have mystical powers over you, unless you assign it mystical powers… and that took me a LONG time to learn.

If your relationship with food isn’t peaceful and fun… if it feels sticky, confusing, and scary… let’s rewire your brain for ease and comfort with food *and* find the exact foods and lifestyle practices that make you thrive.

Let’s rewrite your food and body story.

ACTIVATE, my private health coaching program for exhausted emotional eaters who want to stop dieting and get their metabolism back, is open for EARLY flash enrollment until midnight CST tonight.

Through ACTIVATE my clients get out of the diet cycle for good, master intuitive eating, reach their best body naturally, restore their energy, and clear out brain fog and anxiety.

Now it’s your turn. <3

Email me at before midnight CST tonight to book your free, no-obligation Breakthrough Session to see if the program is right for you. If you sign up, you’ll get over $300 off the standard investment.


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