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Why LESS Discipline Could Be The Answer

When I woke up on a recent morning – Wednesday, October 18th, to be exact (I LOVE tracking things, total nerd) –  I found myself wanting to reach straight for my phone to check out Instagram and see if I’d gotten any texts while I was sleeping.

If you know me well you know I usually put my phone on airplane mode before I go to bed and don’t look at it (besides turning my alarm off) until after breakfast.


Because it makes me feel calmer and less rushed to take a mini tech break.

I’m way more productive when I start my day with water, self-Reiki, a little yoga and breathwork, and breakfast.

When I look at my phone right away my brain starts doing a thousand things and I feel overwhelmed.

Instead of rolling over and plugging into my phone, I plug into myself first… aka, connect with myself.

When I first open my eyes I do a little scan of my body and mind and just observe what’s going on…

Deep breaths.
Mothering myself (one of the most powerful tools I have, taught to me by my coach, Cora Poage).

Then when I get out of bed…

Gentle yoga and/or dance.
Shaking out any tension.
Franklin Method.
Breathing exercises.

I have a whole toolbox of morning practices that I mix and match so I can feel my best every day without feeling like a slave to a boring, prescribed morning routine.

Want to develop your own intuitive morning routine? I’m thinking about creating a portable PDF toolkit to share with you. Comment “YES” below if you’d be interested.

I’ll admit that I started judging myself for wanting to go straight for my phone that morning, but then I stopped, got gentle with myself, and shifted my self-judgment to curiosity.

What could I be craving? Why was I reaching for my phone?

The answer was connection. And perhaps, a little rebellion.

As humans, most of us crave routine AND the excitement of switching up our routines. We want to feel safe but also excited and satisfied by the thrill of variation – even in small ways, like following a different routine some mornings.

We ebb and flow, and our bodies naturally reach a place of balance if we follow our intuition.

When a little kid eats too much candy and gets a stomach ache, she’s unlikely to do it again. As adults, when we stop trying to manipulate and control ourselves and let our bodies lead, we lose weight easily and reach high-level health.

If you’ve been following a super-regimented routine where you wake up every morning at 5:30am, go to 6am spin class, grab a coffee and then head into work and sit at your desk from 9am – 6pm, your brain is eventually going to want to SWITCH. IT. UP. and that’s healthy. 

If you’ve been restricting your diet for a long time, you’re naturally going to crave pizza or a big slice of chocolate cake at some point.

And that’s ok, because you will be just FINE if you look at your phone first thing or have a croissant for breakfast once in a while. If you do those things ALL the time you probably won’t feel amazing, but once in a while? Absolutely.

As along as your digestive system isn’t clogged up and bogged down by a constant stream of pizza and cake – or more complex, subtle issues – it’s totally capable of digesting heavier foods here and there.

When I woke up wanting to jump on my phone right away, I almost went into judgment mode, but I caught myself. I just wanted to connect, and since I’m usually excited to get on my yoga mat first, I allowed myself to open up my phone first thing that morning.

If I did that all the time I would start to feel overloaded by all the ads and messages we see every time we look at our phones, but I remembered that it’s ok to do the “wrong” thing sometimes… in fact, it might be exactly what you need to break up your routine and feed the part of you that craves variation and playful rebellion.

If you’ve been spending a lot of your mental and physical energy being disciplined, your body is probably screaming for more freedom.

The cool part is that when you ease up on restricting yourself, your body naturally falls into balance and the weight just comes off. Your digestive issues clear up “out of nowhere,” and you have more energy than ever.

Don’t get me wrong – this doesn’t happen instantly. I’m not saying you should throw your entire routine to the wind and start eating anything you want starting today.

There is a specific method to losing weight and healing your digestive system without dieting. There ARE particular foods you can eat and actions you can take to feel better. 

It’s the system I’ve spent years developing – the Good Taste Method.

The Good Taste Method is a custom approach to eating and living that supports you to naturally reach your ideal weight and clear up frustrating issues like cystic acne, mood swings, and digestive problems.

If you’re open to this approach, it can shift everything for you.

I’ll warn you though, the Good Taste Method only works if you’ve tried everything and you’re frustrated with the conventional approach to weight loss.

If you’ve lived your life in a very extreme way so far –  following a strict daily schedule and/or diet – and are still feeling bloated, heavy, and stuck in your life, you might need to try a different approach.

Something you can maintain for the rest of your life, so you can reach your natural weight and stay there without restricting yourself in any way.

All I want you to know is that you have options that don’t involve skipping alcohol, gluten, and sugar.

You can feel amazing and eat delicious food at restaurants and events, and you don’t have to feel like the weird one who has a million allergies and gets bloated after eating one crouton.

I’ve been that super restrictive girl who refused brownies at birthday parties and counted every calorie.

Now, my old self wouldn’t even recognize my current self, who just ate a super high-quality Italian combo for lunch… and had pizza earlier in the week.

When your digestive system works, your body can process almost any food, and you can walk away from your meals feeling light and energized – not heavy and sleepy.

What’s your biggest frustration around food and your body right now?

Share with me in the comments below – I want to hear from you and support you.

Sending you so much love!



Photo: Rita Ora


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