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“Lula is a caring listener and a devoted supporter. Her deep heart, curious mind and loving nature make her the perfect coach to create lasting transformation for her clients. She’s simply brilliant!”

– Nisha Moodley, Women’s Leadership Coach

“When I came to Lula I had hormonal imbalance – period irregularity and breakouts on my chin.

After working with her, I feel great!

I haven’t missed a period since starting the program and my skin cleared up and stayed clear!

I feel lighter, rarely experience bloating and generally feel (and look) healthier and more energetic.

Lula is very understanding and not at all critical. Her advice was super direct and easy to follow and commit to.

I would recommend Lula to anyone with food-related health concerns, weight loss goals, hormonal imbalance, or that is looking to improve their gut health (which affects all other aspects of health and wellness)!”

– Katerina Simonova, Creative Director

“Lula is a divine appointment in my life. I met her at a party and mentioned I’ve been feeling the desire to work with a wellness expert.

Particularly seeking guidance on herbs, vitamins and minerals that support cognitive health. Lula asked why cognitive health and I shared because I have a traumatic brain injury. I sustained the TBI in a car crash that killed my husband in 2008.

I’ve been growing and healing ever since.

Receiving Lula’s support on this healing journey has been incredibly valuable. With her guidance, I’m at my best weight, look and feel great, and have developed healthier habits.

I’m drinking less caffeine and yet I don’t struggle as much with neural fatigue, which is brought on by the TBI. I’m grateful for her text support, and coaching that extended beyond vitamin recommendations.”

– Angela Leigh Tucker, Inspirational Speaker and Traumatic Brain Injury Survivor

“Lula is a natural healer. Her presence will elevate you, and her coaching will transform you. She is the real thing!”

– Joshua Rosenthal, Founder and Director of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition

“Something clicked in a crazy way! My skin looks fantastic and my body has completely transformed. It’s like magic. Or just Lula.

But I feel great! I AM THAT PERSON! The one I described in her first goal sheet!

I’ve quickly realized how much less I think about food. I’ve also not been craving sweet things.

Lula helped me realize and pinpoint my life-long issues with food, helping me get to know my relationship with food and my behaviors.

This combined with extremely on-point technical knowledge and giving me a few, clearly very well-selected, key steps that completely helped transform the way I eat and live.

Lula is great at connecting the dots – I would fleetingly mention something I found completely arbitrary and she would interrupt with a series of targeted questions that would work down to the root of the problem (often times I didn’t even realize there was a problem – let alone a solution), in an almost scientific matter (and with scientific backup – which helped with understanding the issues even better).

My body has TRANSFORMED; I’ve stopped tracking my weight because I’ve realized the irrelevancy, but more importantly, I have in a matter of two months shaped my body in the exact way I wanted, down to details like certain body parts looking certain ways (I’ve never gotten this many compliments about my butt before!)

Mentally, I feel HAPPY and stable. I’m not so worried that I’m gonna wake up tomorrow and cry my eyes out for no particular reason (where I was at when I first started talking to her).

Lula is extremely perceptive, detail-oriented, smart, interested, knowledgeable, and kind. She is very easy to open up to and picks up on behavioral patterns in order to assess a person and come up with a plan of action tailored to you and only you. Sometimes it seemed like literal magic because she never made me WORK in any way.”

– Jonna Mayer, Graphic Designer and Artist

“I came to Lula to find answers and solutions for my stomach pains and indigestion.

After a week of following the meal plan pretty exact, I feel SO much better. Like, no stomach problems AT ALL. It’s amazing! I almost forgot what it was like to digest things normally.

The indigestion problems I was experiencing are gone completely now – I’m able to eat and not be worried about feeling sick. I think it’s taken a lot of anxiety away that was focused around food and meals.

Physically and emotionally I feel completely different – so much better.

Physically, less bloated and crampy, and emotionally I think a lot of my anxiety is gone, most of which was centered around food and not knowing which foods to eat. This ultimately has lead to less anxiety over all in my life thus far.

Lula really cares! She seems to really want to get to the root of the problem, and takes the time to listen to your individual needs. The check-ups she’s given over the past few weeks have been really sweet as well.

I would recommend Lula to someone feeling stuck, not knowing what kinds of foods they should be eating, someone needing solutions, or even anyone who just needs help meal planning. The meals she offers don’t feel like a diet, but I definitely feel better and lighter.”

– Erin Higgins, Illustrator

“As a self-proclaimed life-long sugar addict, I have always struggled with the overwhelming sugar cravings that would overcome me after lunch every day.

By changing my diet and (finally) finding the right foods to eat, I am no longer craving sugar or other junk food in the afternoons.

This is a monumental change to not have this all encompassing daily internal battle of “whether or not I could eat just a little, or whether or not I deserved something because it was a good/crazy/bad/fun, etc. type of day.”

The thoughts don’t even cross my mind now and it’s an incredibly freeing feeling to no longer be imprisoned by sugar.”

– Alex

“Vocalizing my issues was really helpful in and of itself. I’m finding that when my “snack attacks” come on, I’m a lot more mindful and am not functioning on autopilot as much.

I’ve been taking long walks at lunchtime and that’s been helping so much with my energy!

It does a lot to relieve the pressure-cooker symptoms you were describing. It reenergizes me for the second half of my day, so I’m not as drained by the end of my work day.

And it’s amazing – I missed my walk today because I was trying to finish up something I was working on, and I’m already feeling some of my fatigue symptoms setting in. It definitely makes a difference!”

– Katharine Maller, Editor

“Lula is an Earth Angel. Her very presence is healing and uplifting. Each time I speak with her, I feel more connected to my true essence, my authentic dreams, and heartfelt goals in both health and in my life. She resides in her soul and her intuitive gifts are limitless.

She is a natural and gifted Coach and Healer. But be aware, working with Lula WILL change and transform your body, mind, spirit and life FOREVER…you will no longer settle for “good enough” in ANY area of your existence.

She will lovingly challenge and gracefully insist that you see and expand into your LIMITLESS potential and unique life purpose.

AND, she is so naturally warm, fun, and playful, that you will inevitably ADORE the ride!”

– Cora Poage, Certified Holistic Health Coach, Masters in Spiritual Psychology

“What I love about Lula’s approach is that she’s clearly using the wisdom of ancient medicine like Ayurveda and TCM and making it approachable and applicable for everyday living.

Her advice transcends the typical nonsense of “Eat this! Don’t eat that!” and she’s getting to the heart of how certain kinds of foods affect our mental and emotional health.”

– Stephanie, Founder & Director of Free Spirits Music Songwriting School

“Lula: In a few words, she is: Understanding, kind, warm hearted, caring, inclusive.

Lula’s holistic approach takes the whole in to consideration, surpassing any others I’ve heard or read, and she surprises me by making connections to disparate things I would never suspect.

Lula always has a new way to teach us how to enjoy life more fully than we ever have before. She offers alternatives to bad habits that are more enticing than the bad habits. Whether it’s food issues, body issues, or life issues, she is truly a different voice with something unique to offer.

She is the only person to explain all those things I have felt for years and thought, “This is a thing, why is this a thing for me?” but no on else ever talked about it, so I figured it was just me being a misfit.

Lula not only notices all these things, but explains them and makes me feel like I’m sensitive and aware. She has so many ways to support you and make you feel good about everything in general and yourself in particular. Lula is a gift you give yourself.”

– Barbara Nowlin, Accountant

“My top goals in starting with Lula were to improve my digestion and energy and find foods that work best with me.

Lula helped me work towards these goals by being supportive, exploring new foods, and giving me new techniques to deal with stress.

The biggest change I’ve noticed is my energy levels. I haven’t felt this good in a while. Lula is supportive, caring, and fun. I would recommend Lula to everyone struggling to find an approachable way to better health.”

– Kenna Braner, Yoga Instructor

“Lula exudes positive energy and confidence, she’s a GREAT
listener, non-judgmental, astute, articulate, firm but not pushy, creative, responsible, patient, and very approachable.

I saw the results of the coaching unfold before my eyes!

The biggest significant change is improved confidence about my abilities in general, related to me having more enthusiasm to get up, and a greater desire to really push myself to move ahead.

Lula helped me work towards my goals by making me better understand myself, helping me to better focus on practical, manageable goal-setting, providing timely feedback and productive suggestions, motivating me to discover new
and creative ways to reach the goals, never judging my progress, and being very patient and a great listener and fabulous with timely feedback.”

– Dr. Gita Pande, Health & Lifestyle Consultant

“After working with Lula, I feel energetic, curious, and enthusiastic. My daily mood feels balanced, and my skirts fit!

I have no bloating, and I have a WAIST again! I have no more dizziness, and I feel calm yet energetic and happy.

Further, I’m not in despair about what I’m going to eat. I look forward to what I have planned to eat, and am comfortable eating out too.

I have increased confidence and can show up at commitments feeling good.

Lula is a great listener, gentle in her approach, enthusiastic, and gives clear, specific instructions. She’s astute in considering your needs, and doesn’t try to conform you to a one-size-fits-all program.

I’d recommend Lula to anyone struggling to find balance in their eating, anyone who’s burned out on diet and “healthy eating” fads and advice, those recovering from physical challenges who need energy and stability in their eating plan, and anyone who needs a shelter from harsh coaching around food.”

– Kathleen Scott, Writer, Vision + Strategy Consultant