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The Power of Doing Nothing

I got wiped out by the flu a couple weeks ago. It happens to the healthiest of us.

I was frustrated, and felt silly to be stuck in bed when I’m normally such an active person.

The silver lining? I was reminded of a super-important lesson: It’s ok to do nothing.

Ahh, how good does that feel?

Whenever I get sick, I get a little antsy (ok, a lot antsy) from lying around all day and I have to remind myself how powerful doing nothing is, especially for an ultra-active brain like mine (you too?)

If you consider yourself a perfectionist and/or overachiever, this is such an important lesson to fully assimilate.

It’s great to understand the importance of doing nothing on a conceptual level, but you won’t feel that deep sense of ease and peace you’ve been looking for until you assimilate it. Embody it. Live it without too much thought, instead of just understanding it.

Truth: If you’re an overachiever, sometimes the best way to gain fresh energy and inspiration is to let yourself do nothing. Try it for just one day, and notice how you feel when you wake up the next day.


Grab your calendar right now and block off a day that you can dedicate to doing NOTHING.

It feels so good, and it gives you a chance to reset your system and refocus on what’s most important.

From there you can take high-leverage action on the things that are most important to you, instead of working through tasks all day yet feeling like you barely achieved anything.

During your do-nothing day, repeat this mantra to yourself: I don’t have to do anything. Slowing down will get me ahead.

The surprising result? You end up way more productive, healthy, and successful in the long run.

Just like you need to update your iPhone to keep it running smoothly, you need to reboot your body on the regular.

Bonus points if you put your phone on airplane mode and spend time outdoors during your do-nothing day.

Staying away from electronics and soaking up the negative ions that exist in nature will rewire your nervous system on a whole other level.

Today I also want to share that I am still launching my new non-diet weight loss program very soon.

This ones for you if you want to effortlessly lose weight without giving up your favorite foods, wake up with clear, fresh skin every morning, and fix frustrating digestive issues without dieting for the rest of your life.


I’m bursting with excitement to share this beautiful program with you. <3

For now, give yourself some space to do nothing, even if it’s just for one hour today.

Biggest hugs,

Photo: Magdalena Wosinska

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