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Thoughts I Had During Yoga

A few thoughts that popped into my head during yoga class yesterday, coming from someone who used to have the bitchiest self-thoughts, and frequently restrict to less than 1200 calories/day, and then binge and purge

“Awww my feet are SO cute.”

“Yes love, to the other side, it’s a twist.” (communicating telepathically with the woman next to me)

“I should write a goofy FB post about how I want to wear more see-through dresses in 2020.”

“Damn I feel reaaaallly good in my body.”

“Pleeeeeeease adjust me.” (communicating telepathically with the teacher, see my earlier post on love languages 😹)

How you talk to yourself matters A LOT. 

It lays the foundation for the physical and energetic shifts that happen in ACTIVATE.

ACTIVATE is my health coaching program for exhausted emotional eaters who want to master intuitive eating without sacrificing their physical goals.

What’s your internal dialogue like? How do you talk to yourself?

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Trust your decision, trust your intuition. 

Love ya,

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