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What I Ate Last Night & How I Feel Today

Last night I ate…

… a whole pizza (not vegan, gluten-free, or dairy-free), and then a medium ice cream cone (also filled with dairy and gluten) with chocolate and coffee gelato as I biked along the ocean at sunset.

Not a binge. Eaten slowly and enjoyed fully. 

I woke up today feeling rested, energized, and excited for the day…

Clear-headed and inspired to write you this email…

And feeling the energy and momentum to actually sit down and do it, something I know a lot of people struggle with.

As I went through my morning routine I could feel my ab muscles (I’ve been boxing a lot), I noticed my skin is glowing extra, and that little breakout on my chin shrank up.

For breakfast I was craving seared asparagus, zucchini, sweet potatoes, eggs, and a slice of toast with butter.

I naturally wanted LOTS of veggies after yesterday… but I didn’t feel crappy, bloated, or guilty at all.

I wasn’t born with a fast metabolism or perfect skin. And I was really fatigue-prone when I was a little girl. 

I gain weight fast when I’m out of balance. I used to be a binge eater, a restrictive eater, and an overall emotional eater.

I’ve pulled myself out of full-on bulimia, too – I haven’t purged in about 7 years, after a ~6-year struggle.

I also struggled with big, painful hormonal jawline + chin breakouts in high school and into my early 20s.

Plus, I’ve had keratosis pilaris – those little bumps many people have on their upper arms – since I was 2-years-old. 

Bottom line: I wasn’t born with no issues or the perfect constitution. I didn’t used to be that girl who could eat anything and never gain weight or break out. 

I BUILT a fast metabolism, high energy and endurance, a strong body, and clear, glowy (almost all the time) skin through food, lifestyle, and emotional balance.

And now that’s what I teach my health coaching clients to do from ground zero, in a way that works for them.

It’s not about replicating my personal approach, it’s about getting the laser guidance you need to integrate your own custom plan based on your body type, patterns, struggles, and goals. 

I’ve helped dozens of women do this, and I know I can help you too.

If you’re ready to show up, be receptive, and commit to yourself (not another diet plan), I want to talk to you. Together we can connect the dots and get you to 100% health and energy.

Sign up for a free Breakthrough Session today to see if ACTIVATE is right for you.

This is my 6-month private health coaching program for emotional eaters and chronic dieters who want to…

– heal from adrenal fatigue
– get their metabolism back
– wake up energized, not exhausted
– feel excited about life again
– master intuitive eating

If this is for you, you already know it.

The doors close Thursday at midnight CST, and there are 3 spots left.

Doors will not open again for at least a few months. I open enrollment about twice a year.

Sign up for a no-obligation Breakthrough Session today if you want to learn more. 

Have a BEAUTIFUL day!



The doors to ACTIVATE are open until Thursday at midnight CST!

If you want to break the diet cycle, heal emotional eating patterns, and get your metabolism back, sign up for a free Breakthrough Session today to see if this program will work for you.


Photo: Marilyn Monroe by Milton H. Greene


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