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What It Feels Like To Get Reiki


What are you most excited about this year?

For me, I’m bouncing up and down with excitement to fully integrate Reiki into my integrative health practice.

When I first heard about Reiki, I was skeptical. It seemed way too subtle and airy-fairy to have any real benefits.

Yep, those were my exact thoughts, even as someone who’s super open to holistic approaches.

Then I had a session with a Reiki master and was blown away.

It felt like she was literally pulling old fear and sticky emotion out of my body with her hands, and I completely lost track of time.

She only worked on me for 20 minutes, but it felt like an hour or more.

I left the session feeling completely calm and at ease in my body, and incredibly inspired and focused.

When I started to consider getting certified in Reiki nearly two years ago, I was STILL skeptical… like maybe the Reiki master I worked with just had mystical powers that are only reserved for her and no one else, so why even bother?

(yes, I’m rolling my eyes at myself too)

I’m glad I followed my instincts and got certified anyway, because Reiki is now one of my favorite ways to work with clients… and on myself, with self-Reiki.

It quickly became clear to me that Reiki is KEY to non-diet weight loss, because we can’t be in the stressed, fight-or-flight state if we’re looking to lose weight and clear up chronic health issues.

To create ideal conditions for the body to fall back into its natural state of health, we need to be in the opposite, relaxed nervous system state.

Self-Reiki is in my top three practices that truly taught me how to SLOW DOWN, and I’m so excited to share it with even more people in 2018.

Living in our fast-paced, technological age, it’s easy to get stuck in the guise that we need to constantly be grinding to be happy and successful.

The truth is that we need to slow down to get ahead.

You can’t truly enjoy your life if you’re always rushing and on the brink of burn out.

If you’re moving so fast you don’t notice the beauty around you, you’re gonna get bored and bummed out. You’ll start seeking things outside yourself to feel excitement and joy, cause you’re missing what’s in front of you.

It’s counterintuitive, but slowing your nervous system down through tools like Reiki is what will make you the healthiest, most successful, and happiest version of yourself.


  • Relaxing your nervous system helps you naturally lose weight, soothe digestive issues, and get glowing skin. It processes and releases anxiety and fear, leaving you feeling light and at ease instead of weighed down and uneasy.
  • Reiki calms your brain and helps you refocus on what’s important. It’s like closing down all those tabs in Google Chrome when you know you really need to be focusing on one thing. When we’re doing 100 things at a time, we can’t be doing anything super significant. We can be doing things that need to get done, for sure, but magnificent, truly satisfying work takes 100% focus, and calm focus.
  • When you slow down and breathe, you have a chance to notice the amazing things in your life and feel grateful for them, so you don’t get jaded and anxious. I’m talking small things – the beautiful flowers on your way to work, how your coffee really tastes, or the subtle sounds your baby makes as they sleep.

Reiki is one of the practices that helps me slow down and zero in on my priorities, goals, and desires from moment to moment – so I don’t feel all scatterbrained and anxious.

When we’re wired and uncentered, making even the smallest decisions (like what to have for dinner) can become an agonizing process.

When we create space for answers to come to us – instead of grasping for them as we slip and slide on the ice – life feels so much easier.

Tools like Reiki give you that mental space.

People get fired up in the New Year, but there’s often way too much pressure to push-push-push to reach your goals. Then you end up getting burned out, and you give up.

What if we approached our goals differently this year?

Here at the Good Taste HQ, we’re going all in on calm focus and graceful action in 2018.

Next week I’m launching a beautiful 3-month program to help you lose weight without dieting, finally fix chronic conditions that have been plaguing you (I’ve been there, girl), feel truly light and calm in your body and mind, and reach your goals without pushing or forcing.

This intimate one-to-one program will include the most up-to-date science from the nutrition and personal development worlds, and brand new practices from my studies over the past year. I can’t wait to share it with you.

For now, what’s one goal or intention you have for the New Year, and what’s your first step in reaching it?

Hint: It could be creating peaceful, serene space for yourself, first.

Approach your goal differently than you normally would.

Talk soon, and again, Happy New Year, beautiful!


Photo via @vespernyc on Instagram


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