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What To Do When Your Wellness Routine Stops Working

A couple weeks ago I was feeling sick and needed to be with fam, so I went to my brother’s (just a few miles away) and we had a sleepover.

The next morning I was a little anxious about getting started with work and getting my usual breakfast and workout in, but something told me to hang out there for a bit, drink bulletproof coffee with him, and just talk. 

He ended up sharing an incredible experience he had with a past life reader, having to do with me, and we both cried.

It felt so healing. The tightness I was feeling in my chest dissipated, and I felt re-inspired and excited.

It was my medicine for the day.

Connecting, talking, and crying moved any stuck energy and left me feeling amazing.

It was exactly what I needed, but definitely not what I expected. I didn’t need to work out or eat my usual breakfast.

That day, the medicine I needed was connecting with my brother and processing emotions.

Stuck emotions play a big role in extra weight and chronic illness, because the nervous system is so intrinsically connected to the digestive and immune systems.

We need to feel the full spectrum of our human emotions to be truly healthy, physically and mentally.

Your “medicine” – the thing that will make you feel better when nothing else is working, might be unexpected.

So how can you know what do?

Here’s what to do when your wellness routine isn’t working…

1. Follow your gut instincts – trust yourself implicitly

2. Don’t be afraid to stray from your regular routine – it might be exactly what you need

What’s going on in your body today?

Do you feel like there’s some sticky energy that needs to move?

And have you had an experience recently where something unexpected was super healing?

Share with me below, I love hearing from you. <3


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Photo: Magdalena Wosinska

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