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Why Goals Can Trigger Shame and Avoidance

Do you ever feel like no one really wants to hear about your wellness goals?

As humans we often bond over suffering and pain.

We commiserate together.

And when you have a health-related goal it can trigger people, and make you feel ashamed for triggering them.

Then you avoid pursuing the goal all together… because you feel “fine” and things are “great” in your life.

We all want to feel connected, and when our friends’ rosé-and-french-fries all day protocol isn’t working for us and we want a different experience, we can feel disconnected.

And shameful that we’re even having body challenges in the first place.


This happens a lot…

You excitedly share your goal with a close friend or family member.

They get triggered, because deep down they want to make a change, too, but it feels too intimidating.

You feel ashamed for triggering them (you love them), and decide to avoid addressing the heart of your goal, and keep going through the motions… because your life is “great!”

And your life IS great in so many ways, I’m confident, but you’re allowed to have it ALL…

The energy, body, relationships, work, and life that you know in your heart is meant for you.

You know there’s a more alive, energized version of you in your DNA… but it’s currently covered with cobwebs, or sticky sludge.


The truth is that you get to…


✓ Feel SO good in your body that you know you’re at your ideal size.

✓ Have so much energy that you breeze through your day.

✓ Sleep deep at night and wake up feeling refreshed.

✓ Live your life without bloating, chronic digestive issues, and brain fog.

✓ Love your wardrobe and feel great in all your clothes. 

✓ Have a clear, focused mind and lots of creative energy for your work. 

✓ Enjoy your sensuality, sexuality, and the simple ecstasy of being a woman. 

… but it takes choice, courage, and support.


Food and body programming run deep, but can be rewired.



In ACTIVATE, my private health coaching program for exhausted, chronic dieters who want to master intuitive eating without abandoning their physical goals, we do exactly that.

You deserve to feel your best. You deserve support.

Click here for ACTIVATE program details + client testimonials + to sign up for your free intro session.

Together we’ll see if the program is right for you.

Your healing process is unique, and depends on your matrix of challenges and your willingness to commit to yourself.


One of the most common things holding people back from full commitment is self-sabotage.

Self-sabotage that stems from another type of shame: The shame of feeling your best and looking your best, only for your friends or family to get jealous and alienate you.

We hide behind food and weight.

If we’re not feeling THAT alive or sexy in our bodies, our subconscious says people won’t be jealous and we’re more likely to feel connected and supported in our lives.


The truth is this…

There’s a whole other realm where you can feel your absolute best and connect with people who celebrate and support you in your highest energy.

When you commit to yourself and make the definitive decision to heal, the people who aren’t really on your team will fall away, and you’ll magnetize soul-centered friends who are on a similar path.

And you do not have to change your entire life or go through major drama.

The subtle practical + spiritual shifts I guide you through in ACTIVATE add up.

You begin to feel better and expect better.

And you have less of a desire to connect with people who pull you back into old cycles.

Maybe you text or email here and there, but little by little, the people who are not in the same vibration as you fall away.

What’s left is a life that’s better than the one you’ve always imagined for yourself.

If you’re ready to drop shame and avoidance and get the practical, spiritual, and energetic guidance you need to reach your goals, ACTIVATE might be right for you.

Click here to sign up for a free intro session, and we’ll decide together.

Enrollment closes on Friday, 2/14 at 11:59pm ET, and I have 5 spots available.

I only open the doors twice a year, so don’t wait if you know you want this now.

Sending you so much love!


Photo: Brad Ogbonna


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