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Why You See Thin People Eating a Variety of Things

Do you ever notice that a lot of people who are naturally fit, thin, whatever you want to call it… seem to eat whatever they want and not get preoccupied with food?

How does that work?

First of all, I want to clarify upfront that this post and my programs are not about getting “thin” — they’re about becoming the healthiest and most alive version of yourself. Unblocked, unleashed, unstoppable.

Sometimes that involves losing weight. And wanting to lose weight does not make you shallow, and it doesn’t mean you don’t love yourself.

We just need to make sure you’re doing it for the right reasons, aka, not because your boyfriend suggested you shouldn’t get dessert or because you’re feeling chubby after flipping through Vogue.

But the question “How does she eat so much and stay so thin?!” comes up a lot.


Most of the people who are naturally slim and/or healthy are in touch with their intuitive food voice. They trust themselves. They’re not obsessed with food.

They haven’t been conditioned to question all their decisions and try to fit themselves into a box. And their metabolisms are on point (pssst: yes, you can get your metabolism back, here’s how).

And the reason you see thin people eating ALL different ways (aka they’re not all vegans or all paleo) is because there’s no ONE way of eating that works for everyone.

It’s about finding EXACTLY what works for you, and only you, based on your biochemistry, emotional makeup, environment, and SO much more.


Everyone is so different, and that’s why health coaching is so effective: It looks at y-o-u as a multi-faceted individual.

The scientific study is YOU: what works for you. What makes you feel beyond amazing. Better than you ever imagined you could feel. <3

That’s what ACTIVATE, my new private 6-month coaching program for chronic dieters and emotional eaters who want to master intuitive eating, is all about…

Finally finding the style of eating that supports you to get to your best body, unlock endless energy, clear up chronic digestive issues, and banish brain fog.

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ACTIVATE, my super high-touch, private 6-month health coaching program, CLOSES for enrollment this Thursday at 11:59pm CST.

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