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5 Things I’m Loving Lately

Confession: I’ve always loved those little blurbs in magazines that tell you what the celebrities are eating or what their daily routines are.

Today I’m sharing five things I’m loving lately – because they’re just awesome and/or they’re making me feel like a superhero goddess, healthwise.

This is not to say they’ll work for you too, but they might, and if nothing more it’s a fun post for my voyeuristic peeps.

I’m a total voyeur myself – I LOVE hearing about other people’s practices and getting inspired to try the ones that resonate with me. Plus, the amount of nutrition and lifestyle tips we hear in a week – or even in a day – is overwhelming.

Some of it’s awesome, but a lot of it is either complete nonsense or super one-sided, i.e. “here’s what works for me with no caution, concern, or regard for your unique body.”

:: eye roll ::

Change is gradual, and it’s most effective to integrate new practices one by one until they become second nature and you genuinely look forward to doing them.

Hopefully this little window into my current practices will inspire you to try something new if you’ve been wanting to change your routine.

And if you’re totally happy with your routine and not looking to change a damn thing, I’d love to hear about it in the comments!

I love hearing what’s working for you as much as I love sharing practices with you, and maybe you’ll inspire me or another reader.

Remember: You’re the expert on you.

Yes, there are consultants who can help you feel better after a careful examination of your individual patterns and health history, but NEVER trust anyone who tries to give you a blanket prescription for your health.

Here are the five things I’m loving this week…

1. Celery juice.

I read Medical Medium a couple years ago and have been drinking celery juice on and off ever since. With the recent surge in popularity, I’ve been inspired to drink it every morning.

Juice bars used to complain about doing just celery, and now it’s EVERYWHERE!

Celery juice is excellent for good digestion, clear, bright skin, getting rid of bloating, energy, mood… and more.

Gut health affects everything, so you can imagine how comprehensive the benefits of celery juice are. Pure gold.

This week I’ve been waking up, having a big celery juice, doing my Kundalini and meditation, and then having breakfast and coffee or matcha. In that order! My digestion has been extra good and I feel super energized and upbeat. Yay!

I make celery juice in my blender by simply blending washed, chopped celery with alkaline water, straining it, and then putting it through a clean reusable coffee filter bag called a chorreador (classic Costa Rican style of brewing).

You could also use a nut milk bag. Or maybe you have a juicer. 😉

2. Fists of Anger.

Hear me out. Fists of Anger is a Kundalini yoga kriya for processing anger and frustration – two of the most taboo emotions.

We’re not supposed to get frustrated or angry. It’s not cute, it’s not nice, and it makes us look “crazy.” But we need a healthy way to process these emotions, otherwise tight-lipped smiles, excessive use of the word “fine,” and “inexplicable” anxiety become our norm.

Lots of frustrating things happen every week, and everyone harbors some anger inside from past trauma or just LIFE. You don’t have to have experienced trauma to be holding anger in your body.

I’m on day five of doing Fists of Anger for three minutes every day and I feel so much lighter, happier, and less resentful.

I’ve been focusing on different things I feel angry about – like the guy who made a disgusting gesture at me on the street – while I do this exercise, and every day I feel more and more loving and at peace.

Try it. It’s really really important to release these emotions instead of pushing them down and letting them stay stuck in your body. Holding them in creates inflammation and depression.

3. Goat cheese.

Because it satisfies my pleasure centers, ok?! Today I made a DELICIOUS asparagus and goat cheese frittata with a side of roasted sweet potatoes. It really sang to me. Goat cheese is dope.

Don’t forget about your pleasure, y’all. Food doesn’t have to JUST be fuel, we can enjoy ourselves too.

Compulsive eating is a different thing. When we’re not even tasting our food (like I did in high school), that’s going to make us feel icky.

Rich foods aren’t bad for you, but there is a way to eat them. As long as you’re present, breathing, pausing, and chewing well, you can enjoy almost anything without going off the rails and feeling out of control around food.

4. The DRE.

This is Lacy Phillip’s Daily Reprogramming Exercise where she guides you through a hypnotic meditation to reprogram sticky memories that are connected to your present-day triggers.

She’s a Manifestation Advisor with a super grounded, scientific approach. It’s the opposite of the new age manifestation rhetoric of “simply get into the vibration and it’ll come to you.”

Instead, Lacy’s all about reprogramming old beliefs and increasing your self-worth so you’re aligned with what you’re calling in.

For example, if you want to be making 6-figures a year, it’s all about upgrading your beliefs about yourself so you feel innately worthy of earning that money.

She doesn’t believe that our daily thoughts create our reality – she believes our subconscious beliefs do, and I agree for the most part. Thoughts matter, but our underlying, deep-rooted beliefs are much more important.

It’s the difference between having a fleeting negative thought and feeling depressed. One is more conscious, one is rooted in the subconscious.

I’m on day five of doing the DRE every day and I feel super confident, energized, and outgoing. I also feel FAR less triggered by things that would usually make me want to scream or curl up in a ball. Instead it just rolls off and barely affects me.

I LOVE Lacy’s work. I’ve gone through Formula + Magnetism and Shadow. Reparent and Opulence are next on my list.

5. Simon Sinek.

Ayyyyyee. Ok, so I’m primarily loving Simon Sinek because I want him to be my boyfriend. Seriously, he seems perfect.

Anyone have a connect? There is no wedding ring on his finger in the videos I’ve seen. 😉

But beyond that, I came across this EPIC clip from his interview with Tom Bilyeu, and it’s just so spot on it blew my mind.

It’s all about how technology and our iPhones are ruining our ability to form deep human relationships, and the challenges millennials are facing due to their upbringing and environment, specifically in traditional work spaces.

Technology is directly connected to health. Electromagnetic frequencies (emitted from phones, computers, etc) drain our energy, mess with our sleep, and sooo much more.

Simon’s books are incredible too – he’s a profound speaker and writer. So magnetic.

What are you loving lately? Will you try (or watch, or read) any of these five things I’m loving?

Post below. 🙂

As always, check with your doctor before making changes. <3


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