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It’s easy to forget how much food affects EVERYTHING: Your mood, outlook, energy, relationships, work, digestion, body, focus… EVERYTHING.

It’s easy to get jaded, say f*ck it, and give up on feeling great, because it just feels too complicated, and downright hard at times.

Thanks, billion-dollar diet industry where everyone is giving opposing advice without taking your bio-individuality into consideration. 🙂

Feedback from the latest round of ACTIVATE – my 6-month health coaching program for chronic dieters and emotional eaters – is coming in, and today I want to share some words from a client…

“Personally, I’m eating more food than I have in years, and I have so much more energy to bring into my life. I didn’t realize how much time I was missing every day with my husband and two girls. I was tired and unmotivated.

Lula quickly suspected and monitored me for any signs of adrenal fatigue. Once we were confident this was a major contributor to my difficulties, she helped to identify key ingredients and create an action plan specific to my needs, that was realistic within my life.

I feel better than I have in three years, and I’m realizing how much time there really is in a day, because I’m actively engaging in every moment vs. passively watching, always promising to do “it” tomorrow.

There is no one else who has the knowledge, experience, and spirit packaged in the same way Lula does. I promise she is someone you look forward to connecting with each session because you leave feeling energized. She is a gifted healer, humanist, advocate, coach, and a bright light.”


ACTIVATE is a 1:1 coaching experience for women who are done dieting and ready to get their natural metabolism back and feel amazing in their bodies… without restricting themselves for the rest of their lives.

Over the course of six months you gently detox and reset through a custom food plan, receive laser coaching 2x a month to rewire your emotional patterns and attachments, and master intuitive eating through guided practices and bespoke support.

You get two full meal and lifestyle plans, plus unlimited text and email access between our sessions.

If you’re ready for this, sign up for a free Breakthrough Session today.

The next round starts in September, and doors close September 4th.

They will NOT re-open again for at least a few months, and probably closer to six months.

I’ll be sharing more about this new round of ACTIVATE over the next two weeks – reply to this email if you have any questions.

Much love,


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