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The Real Reason You Don’t Have The Body You Want

Have you ever sat down to do something that’s really important and found yourself browsing shoes online, mechanically organizing your Google Drive, or cleaning your bedroom meticulously – even though it’s not even messy?

When we plan to…

  • Nail a workout we know will make us feel great
  • Meal prep for the week so we have delicious, nourishing food on hand
  • Rework our calendars so we have more chill time and avoid burnout

… we find a million different things to do first. We procrastinate.

Why? Why do we avoid doing the most important things, like finally fixing our digestion and losing uncomfortable excess weight?

Because most of us are a little afraid to feel amazing in our bodies.

Of course I can’t speak for everyone, but I myself and so many of my clients and friends have experienced the Fear of Feeling Good (FOFG) at some point in our lives.

But WHY are we afraid? Why wouldn’t we all want to feel amazing in our bodies?

Let’s dig one layer deeper.

Asking WHY at least three times whenever you’re analyzing a challenge is the way to get to the true core of the issue.

Here’s why: When we feel GREAT and nothing is holding us back – like digestive issues and low body confidence that keep us from going out and having fun with our friends – our lives look something like this…

  • We love our bodies and feel light, sexy and ALIVE
  • Chronic issues like indigestion, anxiety and brain fog are no longer factors
  • We have flexibility in our schedules and rarely feel rushed or stressed

So WHY might you be afraid to take the steps to create the body you’ve always wanted?

When everything is flowing smoothly and we feel awesome, it can be a little scary because we have no reason not to show up fully for ourselves and the people in our lives.

We don’t have a crutch to lean on when we simply don’t feel like showing up. We can’t truthfully say we feel sick or stressed.

Sidenote: If you don’t feel like showing up even though you feel fine, you might just need more rest or you-time! And that’s ok – in fact, it’s awesome. We’ll dig deeper into this one in the coming weeks.

What can feel even scarier is the fear of failing. If we have all the resources we need to feel and look great, there’s a chance we’ll fail and have no one to blame but ourselves. We won’t be able to blame a chronic illness, lack of sleep, or anxiety.


Acknowledge that it’s excitement in a different outfit.

Yes, fear is just another form of excitement. When you’re afraid of something, that means it’s important to you.

You don’t get scared or nervous to do things that don’t matter to you. If you feel fear, get excited that you’re pursuing things that are important to you, and realize that the only way to live full-out is to risk failure. Otherwise you stay small and stuck and never do anything.

When we’re talking about starting a new food or exercise program, we won’t know how good we can feel until we try it… and risk failing, of course.

After reading this, would you say that you’re a little afraid of feeling your best in your body, at least to some degree?

I was for years, and like I said, almost everyone I know used to be or still is. If you feel this way, you’re not alone, and there’s a different way to live. I’m going to show you how.

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be sharing simple, bite-sized steps to get over the fear of having the body you want and actually make it happen.

In the meantime, I really want to hear from you.

Answer this question

If you’re not feeling 100% light, strong and sexy in your body right now, would you say you’re a little afraid to finally get the body you want, even if only subconsciously?

If you’re a YES, I was in that place for years and know how it feels.

Leave a comment below or email me at and share your thoughts with me – I’m the only person in my inbox, and your message is 100% confidential.

Sending so much love,


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  1. Wow — love this article. This makes complete sense. In the effort to become healthier, I happened to lose about 20 pounds two or three years ago and once I started getting attention (positive OR negative!) I believe I unconsciously began backsliding on my new healthy eating habits because even though I was looking and feeling great, the change in attention from others and even myself felt uncomfortable. So I think you’ve hit the nail on the head! Thanks so much for sharing.

    1. Thank you so much for sharing, Pamela!

      That’s super interesting. 🙂 It’s awesome that you’re simply noticing that happened – that’s the first step to shifting it and making your new body and lifestyle stick.