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Trigger Warning: Getting Out of the Restrict-Binge-Purge Cycle

When I was in the restrict-binge-purge cycle (late teens – early 20s), I was depriving myself of nutrients I needed.

And when I did allow myself to eat a good, full meal, I would often get rid of it ASAP. 🤦‍♀️

I was destroying my body. And you could see it in my face.

Especially since I was still maturing – women are not fully developed until 25.

I remember a trip to Malibu to visit my godmother when I was 17.

I was around my lowest weight, and one day I cut a kid’s Clif Bar into 5 pieces and allowed myself one piece every few hours.

My godmother is a private chef to celebrities.

Her food is incredible, and so nutritious.

After we ate a beautiful meal one night in her sweet little cottage in Latigo Canyon, I went to take a shower – and purge, robbing my body of all that nourishment.

The noise of the water pounding the porcelain was my cover.

I was fighting against myself. Breaking my body down. Killing myself.

Ultimately, fully realizing that incredibly dark truth is what made me stop restricting, binging, and purging.

I knew I had to dedicate my life to intuitive eating and living.

There could be no more restrictive diets, or restrictive living.

That’s why ACTIVATE is so important to me.

I know how far this food and body stuff can go if we don’t take care of it.

Side note: This is not an eating disorder recovery program.

ACTIVATE is a health coaching program for exhausted, chronic dieters who want to stop obsessing over food and master intuitive eating without giving up their physical goals.

We go much deeper than food and body. It’s about…

– healing self-hatred

– mastering self-love

– living a full, rich life

– getting on your own damn team 

– feeling comfortable in your body

Whether you’re dealing with disordered eating, or just a lot of anxiety and stress around food, when you try to control, restrict, and punish yourself, you zap your life force.

You leave yourself exhausted.

It starts to feel like you’re just going through the motions, and that’s not how life has to be.


Today, every time I give my body the food she needs, or exercise, or meditate, I’m nourishing and supporting myself. I’m filling up my tank.

I’m not doing it because I need to control my body or be regimented with my wellness.

I’m just playing for my own team, instead of tearing myself down.

And I’m making my life so much easier!

Things just flow when we’re nourished with the right foods, and when we love ourselves.

Every supportive action you take affirms self-worth and self-reverence.


Do you feel like you’re constantly trying to control your food and keep yourself small?

Is there a deeper feeling of fighting against yourself, rather than supporting yourself through food, movement, and the way you talk to yourself?

If you’re feeling called, check out the details for ACTIVATE, my private health coaching program.

This work is for women who want to stop dieting, master intuitive eating, and feel great in their bodies.

The doors are open for just one more week, and I have 3 spots left.

I open ACTIVATE twice a year.

Sending you so much love,


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