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My Most Embarrassing Food Story

10 years ago I was studying abroad in Florence, Italy, and loving life… only thing that wasn’t going so well: I was bulimic. From the outside I looked young, happy, and thin. All that was true, but I was struggling...
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Let Go of Dieting & Get Your Energy Back with ACTIVATE

It’s easy to forget how much food affects EVERYTHING: Your mood, outlook, energy, relationships, work, digestion, body, focus… EVERYTHING. It’s easy to get jaded, say f*ck it, and give up on feeling great, because it just feels too complicated, and...
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How I Do Gluten

I go to this super sweet cafe here in Costa Rica at least once a week for breakfast. I love rolling out of bed, not meditating, and not doing kundalini or anything else first thing. If you’re a pretty regimented...
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5 Signs You Might Have Histamine Intolerance

Honestly, I never thought I’d be writing this, but I can’t not share it with you.  There’s a new “gluten” in town that could be very sneakily sabotaging your energy, mood, and gut health. And it’s in avocado, spinach, kombucha,...
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