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The Power of Doing Nothing

I got wiped out by the flu a couple weeks ago. It happens to the healthiest of us. I was frustrated, and felt silly to be stuck in bed when I’m normally such an active person. The silver lining? I...
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Drop Judgment and Anxiety in One Minute

Stop judging it. Yourself. The thought. The thing. Breathe. It’s all normal. You’re not alone. If you’re having a feeling, there are thousands of people having that exact same feeling at that exact same time. Stop judging it. How? Put...
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What It Feels Like To Get Reiki

HAPPY NEW YEAR! What are you most excited about this year? For me, I’m bouncing up and down with excitement to fully integrate Reiki into my integrative health practice. When I first heard about Reiki, I was skeptical. It seemed...
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How To Eat On Thanksgiving: A Game Plan

I love Thanksgiving – it’s one of my favorite times to gather with family and eat alllllll the delicious food and remember how grateful I am for my life. Food wise, Thanksgiving can be tricky for a lot of people....
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Why LESS Discipline Could Be The Answer

When I woke up on a recent morning – Wednesday, October 18th, to be exact (I LOVE tracking things, total nerd) –  I found myself wanting to reach straight for my phone to check out Instagram and see if I’d gotten any texts...
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