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Activate is Open Until Thursday

I’m ashamed that the original deadline for this round of ACTIVATE was last week, and I’ve barely shared about it over the past two weeks. I’m sorry. Why does it matter, and why am I apologizing to you? You joined...
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My Most Embarrassing Food Story

10 years ago I was studying abroad in Florence, Italy, and loving life… only thing that wasn’t going so well: I was bulimic. From the outside I looked young, happy, and thin. All that was true, but I was struggling...
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Let Go of Dieting & Get Your Energy Back with ACTIVATE

It’s easy to forget how much food affects EVERYTHING: Your mood, outlook, energy, relationships, work, digestion, body, focus… EVERYTHING. It’s easy to get jaded, say f*ck it, and give up on feeling great, because it just feels too complicated, and...
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How I Do Gluten

I go to this super sweet cafe here in Costa Rica at least once a week for breakfast. I love rolling out of bed, not meditating, and not doing kundalini or anything else first thing. If you’re a pretty regimented...
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