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3 No-Cook 5-Minute Meals (Not Just Salad!)

This is gonna be quick and dirty. This isn’t a shiny Instagram moment or a golden opportunity for me to show off my recipe development skills or restaurant prowess. Don’t worry, they’re still intact, I’m just feeling the quick AND...
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The Evidence On Dieting

Hey what’s up hello?! I’ve been listening to Trap Queen by Fetty Wap a lot this week. Don’t judge. I’ve also been thinking about EVIDENCE, and how important it is to pay attention to the hard evidence in your life. What...
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One Tool I Used To Stop Binging

I did NOT expect to write here over the holiday break. Then I found myself in awe of how far I’ve come with something that should be so simple and enjoyable: Christmas dinner. I knew I needed to share what that means...
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Podcast: The Ellie Aaron Hour

Oh my goodness it’s been a WHILE since we’ve connected, and it feels so so good to just be sitting on my cozy bed writing to you. 🙂 I hope you had a wonderful holiday with your friends, fam, or...
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Why We Feel Crazy Sometimes

No matter how great our lives are, there are days we feel straight up lost and just want to curl up in the bath like the girl in this awesome photo by Magdalena Wosinska. I recently had a day like...
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How To Come Back Quick When You Feel Down

Since healing from my eating disorder, gaining weight, and losing weight, the thing I’m most proud of is not that I’m perfectly intuitive and aligned in my food and life choices 100% of the time (cause, well, I’m not)… The...
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