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The First Step To Nailing Any Goal

Picture this: You finally start following a hardcore Paleo diet, going to yoga twice a week, and doing HIIT three times a week. You’re meditating every morning, and taking mini digital detoxes on Sundays – you know all about EMFs...
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6 Weird Ways To Know If You’re Healthy

As a kid I would come home from school and hear from my mom how her cancer patients were in remission after working with her for six months (literally), or how her latest cooking client had lost 15 pounds and...
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How To Bake Eggs

I recently posted a pretty photo of my baked eggs on Instagram and my friend Breanne commented that she didn’t know you could bake eggs! I love baked eggs so much that I knew I needed to get a little blog post...
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The Power of Doing Nothing

I got wiped out by the flu a couple weeks ago. It happens to the healthiest of us. I was frustrated, and felt silly to be stuck in bed when I’m normally such an active person. The silver lining? I...
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Drop Judgment and Anxiety in One Minute

Stop judging it. Yourself. The thought. The thing. Breathe. It’s all normal. You’re not alone. If you’re having a feeling, there are thousands of people having that exact same feeling at that exact same time. Stop judging it. How? Put...
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